Will the Theatre of Dreams live up to its name?

The time has arrived. The moment all Leicester’s fans have perhaps thought could occur since Easter but might still not feel completely real.

Leicester City are three points away from winning the Premier League.

This is a team who everyone thought would struggle this season (including myself), had just appointed a manager that seemed a bizarre choice (I certainly did), seemed destined to be facing a relegation battle to stay in the Premier League (YEP STILL ME HERE). And now Sunday could see the final sentences written of a truly remarkable season with Claudio Ranieri transcending into the realms of immortality. Continue reading “Will the Theatre of Dreams live up to its name?”

What next for the relegation run-in?

The relegation race (it is the race no one wants to be a part of – a bit like the 1500m at Sports Day) is entering its final stretch with just a handful of games to go and with Aston Villa done and dusted only two places remain in the bottom three. So with three teams left vying to remain in the Premier League but does this weekend’s fixtures mean for the relegation run in?

17th Sunderland – P34 Pts: 31 GD: -18
18th Norwich – P34 Pts: 31 GD: -25
19th Newcastle – P35 Pts: 30 GD: -26

Let’s start with the 3 o’clock kick offs and Sunderland are venturing a little south to The Britannia to face a Stoke City that are haemorrhaging goals at an almost sacrificial rate. Continue reading “What next for the relegation run-in?”

The PFA Player of Year: The Winner’s, The Loser’s and the Missing

It is the Football Awards season and the PFA Player of the Year awards is loaded attacking flair, goals and assists. In a world where attackers take the glory, the PFA’s delivers once more with an abundance of attacking riches vying it out for Player of the Season. Whilst I have absolutely no bearing on who might win the award, here is my run down of the top 6 and one person who I really think should have made the cut. Continue reading “The PFA Player of Year: The Winner’s, The Loser’s and the Missing”

Is it time for Martinez to go?

Everton’s season has certainly had its fair share of peaks and troughs. Everton fans, at least in the first part of the season, were treated to some of the best attacking football in the Premier League. Seeing the likes of Barkley, Deulofeu and the insatiable Romelu Lukaku charge at defences must have been a joy to behold week in, week out as it seemed that Martinez was crafting together a side that was as brilliant going forward as it was young and a full of flair. What Everton fans weren’t expecting though was the drop off in form and the poor defensive performances of the Everton backline, particularly from John Stones and the ever professional Tim Howard.

This Everton side is the 7th highest scoring team in the Premier League (only behind the Top 4 and now Liverpool and West Ham after this week’s fixtures) but have only won 2 of their last 10 league games and that came on the 1st March. Even that game was the Premier League equivalent of a freebie as Everton won 3-0 against the quite pitiful Aston Villa side that has been trying to play football this year.

What compounds Everton’s issues is that their home form has been nothing short of awful this season. Whilst the football was scintillating at the start of the season (Everton have scored 30 goals at Goodison Park this year, the 4th highest amount in the Premier League), Martinez’s side have only picked up maximum points at Goodison on 4 occasions. That puts Everton in the bottom three for home form. Its relegation form. So in a season where Everton have perhaps been the most disappointing side in the Premier League, is it time for Martinez to go and who are the likely replacements if the Spaniard was to receive his P45? Continue reading “Is it time for Martinez to go?”

Will the Potters break the Spurs Challenge?

Normally with a match preview, I tend to write about the home side before moving on to that weekend’s visitors but as we start truly reach the pointy end of the season, Tottenham’s trip to Stoke City it’s the away side who takes precedence.

As Leicester City’s march to a seemingly likely Premier League title just continues to defy basic footballing reason, Tottenham’s rise to second in the table and their very own title challenge can be identified with greater ease. Mauricio Pochettino. Continue reading “Will the Potters break the Spurs Challenge?”

Will Conte Return For His Man?

Previous relationships between players and managers are strange things. Pep Guardiola and Thiago Alacantra. Louis Van Gaal and Bastien Schweinsteiger. Sam Allardyce and Kevin Nolan. Some managers have their favourites and now Antonio Conte might be joining the list of acquiring a faithful lieutenant to administer his footballing instructions. Continue reading “Will Conte Return For His Man?”

Laporte and Stones set to join Pep?

In the world of expensive centre backs, Manchester City’s current crop ranks right up there with both Mangala and Otamendi costing the naughty side of £30million but neither have set the world alight with performances that match their respective price tags. Now with Guardiola arriving in the summer, and wholesale change a foot with this aging City squad, defenders are once more high on the agenda.

As Raphael Varane and Marquinhos respective stars stall somewhat, at least in the eyes of the British media, Guardiola appears to be targeting two of the brightest prospects from the ‘next generation’ of centre backs currently playing in Europe. Continue reading “Laporte and Stones set to join Pep?”

Another pricey teenage prodigy for Man Utd?

And once more Manchester United look to spend more £30million+ on a teenage sensation this summer. Long gone are the days where such money was able to buy the likes of Brazilian Ronaldo and Christian Vieri. Even one United legend in the form of Ruud van Nistelrooy came in at a paltry £24.5million. In this inflated and most bizarre world of football transfers, money seemingly has about as much value as a box of tic-tacs, frittered away like any one’s business however, it surely is only fair though to look at Sanches as a player without the eye-watering £45million price tag. Continue reading “Another pricey teenage prodigy for Man Utd?”

Which Premier League club should buy Matuidi?

163 appearance’s and three consecutive league championships for Paris Saint-Germain. 42 Caps for France and a very realistic chance of winning the Euro’s this summer with the host nation. Blaise Matuidi has had quite the five seasons since moving to PSG from Saint-Etienne in the summer of 2011. Yet if rumours are to be believed, the 28 year old Toulouse native is subject to serious interest from Chelsea, but will the Parisian’s sell and is Chelsea the best fit for Matuidi in the Premier League? Continue reading “Which Premier League club should buy Matuidi?”