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The Sweeper Football Blog is our  little contribution to the world of football chat.

Primarily focusing on the Primer League (but not limited too), we aim to bring an engaging opinion to the world of football chitter -chatter. Whether that be with transfer gossip, match previews or managerial change.

It’s important to mention here that everything is written objectively and without bias about any team.

If, for any reason, you would like to contact The Sweeper about anything directly then feel free to e-mail us at thesweeperblog@outlook.com.

So please read, enjoy, follow the Facebook and Twitter pages and let’s talk football!

Thanks – The Sweeper Football Blog


About Me – The Editor, Rich Smith

For me personally, this website is as much about writing about football as it is about potentially going into a career as a football journalist.

I founded The Sweeper in September 2015 after graduating the University of Sussex with a First in BA Film Studies.

I wanted to something to keep my motivated during an year out from studying and founded this website, and since then I have found that I have only enjoyed more and more writing about the every changing football landscape from week to week.

I currently also write as part of an online based internship for threeandin.com (Author Name: Rich Smith), as well as being a regular contributor for breadandbutterfootball.com (Author Name: The Sweeper Blog).

This summer I will be flying out to France and writing about Eur0 2016 from Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon, as well as attending the knock out game in Nice as well as the Semi-Final in Marseille.

In September 2016, I intend to go back to the University of Sussex to start a Masters (part time) in MA Contemporary History.

However, during this time, The Sweeper will continue to be live with my own (and other writers) opinions, observations and predictions throughout the season.

Rich, Chief Editor of the The Sweeper Football Blog

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